Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday's miracle

I had a real scare on Wednesday during a ride with my riding buddy, Mika. She was on her 5-yr-old Tenessee Walker, Cassanova. That's them in the picture on the left. We were coming down from a trail that's carved out of the mountainside about 150 feet above a golf course. Anyway, we were on a pretty steep descent on a 6' wide portion of the trail and Mika's horse fell on his face and rolled over on top of her! He had her pinned underneath him, unable to get his footing to upright himself because he was almost on his back. The only thing holding them both from rolling backwards down the cliff was a 2' metal and mesh fence. I dismounted, without a clue as to what to do and called 911. Mika was understandably hysterical. Paramedics came and didn't know what to do either. By this time, Mika was in a real panic, having lost the feeling in her left leg. She told the paramedics to shoot her horse so they could get it off of her.They asked me to back my horse up, which was actually calming Mika's horse down, because as soon as I did, her horse started thrashing. She was screaming and getting beaten up down there. It was horrible. her horse ended up rolling over top of her, crushing the fence. They both fell down the cliff, but Mika managed to be slowed by some brush about eight feet down, her horse broke free and continued to plummet down the steep cliff about 100 feet. Miraculously.... Mika escaped serious injury! Just twisted her knee and bruised her shoulder and a lot of places on her body. I'll tell you though, it was a good thing she had a helmet on because the horse's weight broke her helmet in two. After Mika was carted off to the ER, the trainer from our ranch came to get the horse. With his breast collar holding his saddle around his neck, he was caught up in a tree and had his bridle entangled in some branches. It took three hours to get him loose. And just like Mika, he was uninjured! So, that is the latest drama. I hope that you guys are safe on trail, and I know they look dorky, but those helmets save lives.
I'll be riding very flat, easy trails for a while. And so will Mika! EEK!

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